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Photos: 11/10/2012 & 11/12/2012 (Junior Meet)

From Michelle Arnold

Junior Meet, 11/12/2012

Meet, 11/10/2012

Photos: 10/20/2012 & 10/27/2012

From Michelle Arnold – enjoy!

Photos from Cubbing 10-20-12

Photos from Opening Meet 10-27-12

ODH Facebook Page

ODH is moving into the 21st Century.  In twelve short years, we have added an e-mail distribution list and a web site.  To show the world that fox hunters are not mired in days gone by (or to ground), we proudly present our new, a few notes here Gerald, Facebook Page.  Bird Mattingly has created this gem for us.  She even found great pictures, ahem, to put on the site.  Please see her note below, and let’s start “liking” ODH!


ODH now has a Facebook page – we will be using it to publish news about the point to point, hunter paces, trail rides and other events.

Please “like” us on Facebook and send photos if you would like them posted.  The site is publicly available so please, only photos and comments you would want your mother to see  (if your mom is cooler than mine and hangs out on Facebook, that is).  Comments and suggestions welcome!- Bird

Photos: 9/8/2012 & 9/29/2012

From Michelle Arnold – enjoy.

Photos from 09-29-12

Photos from 09-08-12

Subscriber Teams

From Gale Johnson.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.  His e-mail is


The purpose of the teams is to share tailgate responsibilities as well as trail clearing and other jobs that help support ODH.

Team Captains…please be aware that not everyone (IE Sherri Hamill-Huff) has email so you’ll need to be in contact with them for their phone numbers, etc.

Also, some teams need more members so as we get more subscriptions in, etc., we will add them to those teams.


Any volunteers for the following Saturdays:

September 22

September 29

October 6

October 13

October 20 (that’s Gold Cup Day so perhaps we should skip a tailgate that day?)

October 27(Opening Day…breakfast at our President’s home.)

After Opening Day, the fixture card will contain information on which team is assigned a given Saturday, in alphabetical order.  If your team cannot do the Saturday it’s assigned, then it is up to you as the team captains to talk to the other team captains and swap assignments.

All comments and suggestions welcome.  Gale

Trail Rides – August

Here is the schedule for our three summer trail rides.  There is contact information included in the schedule if you have questions.

Please print and share a copy with anyone you think might want to join us for the rides – or, for that matter, join ODH.

Tailgate at Warrenton Hunt Night

Based on all the fun at last year’s show (who brought the songbirds??), we have again obtained a tailgate spot for ODH at Warrenton Hunt Night, Sunday, September 2nd.  Members, spouses, significant others and friends welcome.  Foxhunter classes start at 11 am but we anticipate the real festivities will kick off around 5 pm.

Please join us whenever you are able – just look for the big green Jeep with “HARK PLS” on the plates. It should be in the same space as last year near the judge’s booth.  A nibbly or beverage is always appreciated but certainly not required – we’ll be mixing “Horse’s Necks” for one and all.  The space is ours for the entire show so please feel free to consider it ODH territory if you plan to be there – the Hunter Classic is on Saturday night and should also be worth a look.

Courtesy of the Mattinglys

Trail Ride June 2 – CANCELLED

Due to heavy rains.

Old Dominion Hounds at the Virginia Foxhound Show (5/27/2012)

Come join us at the Virginia Foxhound Show on Sunday, May 27, 2012.

Old Dominion is responsible for the judges’ lunch. We expect approximately 75. Volunteers welcomed. But even if you do not wish to help with food, we want a nice turn out to cheer for our entries.


Douglas, Gus, and Scott